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Welcome To: The Port of Ephrata

An aerospace and industrial center built on tradition and proud of its history, the Port of Ephrata is dedicated to growth, the creation of jobs, and continued expansion of services to the region and the world.

Services & Infrastructure for Every Client.

The Port of Ephrata showcases rail, warehouse and property leasing, multiple runways, hangar leasing, self-serve fuel station, and community services. Scroll down to learn more.


The Port is located in the Columbia Basin which gives us an average of 343 VFR flying days per year. We feature multiple runways, fuel service and hangar leasing for a wide range of aircraft.


On-site rail that is served by BNSF, provides economical shipping of product in or out of Ephrata. Contact our office today for a quote on rail services.


Over 200,000 sqft. of heavy industrial space with ample land available for expansion or material lay down area. The majority of this space is served by 15-40 ton capacity bridge crane.

Events & Community:

The Port of Ephrata provides an excellent location for events and community activities such as fly-ins, aerospace exhibitions & competitions, fairs, etc. For more information, view the Port’s lists of events.

Our Mission:

Aggressively pursue partnerships and projects that promote and sustain managed, compatible economic growth and family wage jobs for the Ephrata area.

“The Port of Ephrata is committed to excellence for your personal and business aviation needs.”

David Lanman – Executive Director

Expand Your Business In Ephrata:


We have sites that are 3, 5 or 9 acres for long term lease (up to 50 years) that are already platted.

in state and faa approvals
0 sqft.

State Environmental reviews and FAA approvals are complete for the construction of up to 90,000 sqft. structures on leased sites

Days per year

The Columbia Basin gives us an average of 343 VFR flying days per year.

Fuel service
0 hrs

All major credit cards accepted. Self-serve Av gas available 24 hours. 

*Jet A available starting Spring 2024

Why partner with us?

The Port of Ephrata has airside, rail and industrial sites available for short and long term leases.

The State Environmental reviews and FAA approvals are complete for the construction of up to 100,000 sq ft structures on each site. Your project could be under way within 14-30 days after a complete building permit application package is submitted to the City of Ephrata!

Location: Ephrata Ephrata, WA United States Population: 7664
97°F Feels like 95°F
1007hPa 22% 0% 11mil/h 146deg

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