Port of Ephrata

Our Mission Statement:

“Aggressively pursue partnerships and projects that promote and sustain managed, compatible economic growth and family wage jobs for the Ephrata area”

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We have sites that are 3, 5 or 9 acres for long term lease (up to 50 years) that are already platted. The State Environmental reviews and FAA approvals are complete for the construction of up to 100,000 sq ft structures on each site. Your project could be under way within 14-30 days after a complete building permit application package is submitted to the City of Ephrata!

Key Features:

On-Site municipal airport gives your company an alternative to ground-based transportation. 

Municipal water (12" main/3000 gpm) means reliable service.

Interstate 90, State Highways 28, 282, and 17 provide our intermodal connection throughout Washington and beyond.

One of the lowest electrical rates in the nation.

Port-owned rail spur connects directly with main rail line for high capacity, cost effective transportation alternative

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