Port of Ephrata

The Port has contracted with Ardurra, an engineering firm based in Spokane, WA, to serve as the Project Manager to oversee the construction of a T-Hangar facility in the southern-most part of the airport/airside complex.  The facility (to be known as “Bldg. 52”) will house nine T-Hangars and is projected to be completed for occupancy by not later than June 2024.  The Port has received FAA approval and by early January 2024, a Request For Proposal (RFP) will go out to hire a contractor to perform the work.  All nine T-Hangars have been reserved.  A “Waiting List” is being kept in case there are any cancellations.  The facility will have direct access from Airport St. and a vehicle parking area just to the west of the site.  Bldg 326, the existing T-Hangars, are full and will remain.  Upon Bldg 52 being completed, the two structures collectively will house eighteen (18) aircraft.